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Vladimir Putin Wanted To ‘Attack’ Japan, Before He Chose …

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The whistleblower has told Vladimir Osechkin, who is on …

The whistleblower has told Vladimir Osechkin, who is on the Federal Investigative Committee (the FSB) with other high-ranking people, who are guilty of state crimes.

Vladimir Osechkin, the chairman of FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia), is known for his tough stance against corruption in Russia. Osechkin, a former KGB agent, was appointed head of the Russian security service by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Osechkin is an employee of Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB), the main successor agency of the KGB. In 2018, he was transferred from his position as head of the FSB’s department responsible for countering cybercrime to the bureau’s information security department.

Russian intelligence ‘defectors’ pose a problem for Western …

Vladimir Osechkin has made a career out of being a “Russian spy”. He has admitted to being a KGB officer and to having recruited hundreds of spies from other countries, including former CIA officers. But it turns out that Osechkin’s past is not so clear-cut as he portrays it. The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported in 2010

Russian intelligence services have been busy over the past few months – they’ve arrested dozens of spies working in Western countries as part of an ongoing campaign against foreign intelligence agents in Russia.

Last week in The Sunday Times, it was reported that a number of former high-ranking members of the Russian GRU military intelligence service had defected to Britain. It is a remarkable story: a group of men who would have been among the country’s elite had they remained loyal to the Kremlin were offered asylum by MI5, the UK’s foreign spy

“The Russians are coming” is the catchphrase for American intelligence agencies, who are constantly worried about Russian spies. But Russian spies are also spying on the US, says one former Russian intelligence officer, as part of a massive effort to hack into Western companies and governments.

Russian intelligence 'defectors' pose a problem for Western ...
Russian intelligence ‘defectors’ pose a problem for Western …

Russian military defectors describe “real-life nightmare”

In May, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service arrested Vyacheslav Ponomarev, head of the FSB in St. Petersburg, for espionage on behalf of Israel. He was released the same day on bail and now faces treason charges. His arrest was part of a wave of arrests that began in mid-February. Dozens of other FSB officials are currently under investigation

When you think of the Russian military, you might imagine powerful tanks and missile launchers. But it’s the Russian soldiers who often endure some of the most difficult conditions on the planet. One of them is Vladmir Osechkin. He has been a soldier for nearly 30 years, and he recently left his post as a captain in the army. He’s also now in

The FSB officer was forced into the role of torturer after his superiors learned he had been questioning some of the methods being used. He says he felt he was losing control of his own mind as he was repeatedly beaten in a series of interrogation sessions with two other men. “I was trying to escape from myself,” he said. “I was going crazy.”

Exiled Russian Activist Added To Wanted List After Sharing …

Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian political activist and author has been added to the FBI’s most wanted list after he shared his ideas about the United States on his website.

Vladimir Osechkin, an exiled activist from Russia, has been added to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) most wanted list after sharing his account of political persecution and torture under the Putin regime on Facebook.

The alleged letter from a member of the Russian FSB about …

Russian FSB officer Vladimir Osechkin has claimed that the letter written by the man found dead in his car last week was indeed sent by him. The authenticity of the letter was confirmed by the FSB.

The alleged letter from a member of the Russian FSB about Vladimir Osechkin has been making rounds on Facebook for a few days now. However, there is no clear picture as to who sent this letter, or where it came from. While we wait to verify whether or not it’s real or not, we’ve decided to do some research on



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