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Tenoch Huerta Movies and TV Shows

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When we are talking about the best actors you could watch on television, Tenoch Huerta is one of them. You will never believe the great fame he has among the Spanish world. 

Tenoch Huerta is a Mexican actor born in 1981 and has managed to get high in the ranking among the others. He had performed several auditions for famous American movies and series. That’s why Tenoch Huerta is by far the most valuable Latin actor in Hollywood at this time.

Today we will focus more on the movies and series that Tenoch Huerta has been participating in and giving his best efforts to succeed. Even though he has a long history of participating in movies and series, we have lately seen his fame skyrocket. That happened after he had participated in the famous series of Narcos and particularly the one that is called Mexico. The popular Netflix platform has managed to give Tenoch Huerta a new contract for the next season to ensure we will see him again on the screen for a long time.

Let’s discuss the movies and the series Tenoch Huerta has already participated in and remember most of them:

Movies List

This is the list of the movies Tenoch Huerta has participated in during the past ten years. Even though he was not the prime actor, Tenoch Huerta had some important roles that made his appearance familiar to the relevant audience. That helped him to move even forward to challenge new first-actor movies and series that could make him a millionaire in a few months!

Black Panther

It is one of the best movies we have seen lately. Black Panther is about a criminal group that terrifies many countries and governments. Tenoch Huerta is the main hero allied with law enforcement. That is one of the first films to see him have a major role. It was a blockbuster back in the time it appeared in cinemas. Most people had access to it in the Latin American and Spanish countries. However, the film was in English and remained available for most viewers. 

The Forever Purge

One of the most impressive films for Tenoch Huerta has been one of the main actors. We have seen him before playing the prime role in a score of thieves that had some supernatural powers. 

Forever Purge is the first attempt by Tenoch Huerta to enter the great horror films and is one of the movies that has taken the market by storm.

Bel Canto

Tenoch Huerta has agreed to play in this amusing film that shows the story of Mexico in the past century. It is a film showing the Spanish wars in Mexico and the attempt of Spain to claim the realm in this great American land. Tenoch Huerta is the main Mexican general with many fights. In Bel Canto, you can see certain scenery from Mexico; both Mexico City and Guadalajara that are the major touristic attractions of this great country. It’s a film that had both an English and a Spanish version to accentuate the global fame of Tenoch Huerta.

Dark Forces

When Hollywood officials asked Tenoch Huerta to play in this action film, his response was positive. It was one of the best films of the last decade, establishing Tenoch Huerta in the minds of younger people as the action hero of Avengers and other famous Marvel comics.

Dark Forces became the first film to show people what a great actor Tenoch Huerta could become. The director built the whole scenario on him and gave Huerta a lot of action scenes that made him popular with the younger audience. It is a film translated into many languages to ensure that Huerta will become famous beyond Mexico and the United States.

Son of Monarch

If you are looking for the most influential film that Tenoch Huerta has participated in, then check the Son of Monarch. It is one of the films showing the rise and fall of the Spanish Empire and ensures that Tenoch Huerta can also take dramatic roles. The Son of Monarch was nominated for an Oscar; however, it was not the time for Huerta to receive his first award. You can find the film translated into many languages. However, it was a blockbuster for Mexico, Spain, Chile, and Argentina, all the Latin American countries that love the Spanish heritage and royal family history.


Star Wars fans would love to see Tenoch Huerta in this perfect film for spaceships and total destruction. It’s one of the films that are made quickly to ensure that the audience will have something to spend some time with. The film was first revealed on Netflix and then went to the cinemas. Debris is all about a star that is about to crash on Earth and the attempt of Tenoch Huerta and his team to avoid what is going to happen. Debris remains genuine in the way it addresses the anxiety to give people more time to think about the vanity of their lives.

Tigers are Not Afraid

This final film is the most recent Tenoch Huerta has participated in and succeeded in reaching the top ten of movies. Tigers are Not Afraid is a story of a Safari where Tenoch Huerta has to overcome many obstacles to lead the crewmates closer to liberation. It has many historical aspects and ensures that people understand all the various parts of human nature profoundly.

TV Shows List

Here is the comprehensive list of the best TV shows that Tenoch Huerta has managed to participate in and play in leading roles:

Narcos: Mexico

This is the most known and influential TV series that Tenoch Huerta has participated in. He had the leading role in the Narcos Mexican edition. He is part of the law enforcement that tries to lock down all the narco criminals and their gangs. It has been the TV series with the best possible attendance and the higher sales volumes compared to the others. Since it will be continued on Netflix, the world wants to see more of the adventures of the fearless Tenoch Huerta against the narco gangs active in Mexico and the United States.

Here on Earth

Another TV series that Tenoch Huerta participated in was without great commercial success. However, it was one of the first attempts for directors to establish Tenoch Huerta’s image to the audience, and they managed to do that.

Blue Demon

In this TV show, Tenoch Huerta held a minor role. However, it was enough to let us know him more and ensure that his image remains identifiable to the audience.

The Chosen One

Here is one of the most influential series in which Tenoch Huerta held a major role. It’s the story of a person that has evolved to be a spiritual leader, and Tenoch Huerta gave all its talent to it. We have watched it through Netflix, and most people identified Huerta for the first time in action!



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