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Rugast Dagran | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

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Rugast Dagran | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki


Just as people have their favorite authors, there are rugast  many fans of the Star Trek franchise who enjoy visiting Memory Beta, a non-canon Star Trek Wiki. Memory Beta is a site that exists to provide information for fan fiction and other works of fiction set in the Star Trek universe, and it relies on users to add content.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes Rugast Dagran so special, and explore the possibility that AI might eventually replace copywriters in the future.

The Rugast Dagran

MacReady in 2269. The ship was destroyed while investigating a distress call from the USS Enterprise, which had been attacked by the Romulan vessel Narada.


The following are characteristics of the Rugast Dagran:

-The species is a member of the Kazon, a violent and predatory species.
-They have elongated arms and legs with talons on their toes.
-Rugast Dagrans have a yellowish green skin color.


Rugast Dagran was a Cardassian male who served in the Imperial Starfleet. He was born in the year 2341, and died in 2387.


The relationships section of the blog for the article “Rugast Dagran | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki” covers the following topics:
Love and Romance, family and heritage, friends and allies.


Rugast Dagran is a Vulcan historian who served aboard the USS Enterprise-D during its first five years of service. He was a member of the senior staff during the investigation of the Nexus incident in 2369 and later served as head of security on board the ship.

Notes & References

The blog section for the article “Rugast Dagran | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki” provides a brief summary of the article, followed by additional notes and commentary.

Notes & References
Notes & References


Rugast Dagran was a Cardassian character in the TNG episode

Cardassian with a deep hatred for the Bajorans, who he blamed for Cardassia’s fall from galactic prominence.


He was ultimately successful in foiling the plot, but at great cost to himself.

Major Missions

Major Missions is a blog section on Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki that covers major events and missions in the Star Trek franchise.

Awards and Honors

The following is a list of awards and honors that Rugast Dagran has been bestowed.


“It is a fact of life that one must sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect the ones they love.” -Conclusion

Rugast Dagran was a Cardassian civilian, who served as an Assistant to Gul Dukat during the Dominion War of 2267-8.

Dagran is mentioned in the following episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: “The Search”, “Cardassians”, and “Second Sight”.



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