Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page provides our privacy policy regarding how we collect your data and how we protect your personal information. We will let you know about privacy rights and how they protect you and your information.


We utilize your personal data in order to improve your experience of our service. If you agree to the collection of your data, we will try to provide our services to you with a better user experience.

Collection of Your Data and Use of Data

The main and primary focus of our data collection is for the benefit of our readers so that we can provide them with the content they like to read. We also use this data for the optimization of our website, which is also helpful for our readers in the longer run.

Kinds of Data We Collect

We have listed below the kinds of data we collect from our readers whenever they use our service. You can read about all of these below.

Personal Information

When you use our website, we ask you about your information and personal data so that we can contact you and inform you about our new postings. Our collection of data includes your email address and Usage Data.

Usage Data

Whenever you use our service, this data is collected automatically. Usage Data is basically the information regarding your device’s IP address, which browser you are using, at what time you visit, and other kinds of data as well.


We use cookies for tracing and tracking information on our website, and when we do this, we also store some of the information. We use beacons, tags, and other similar tracking technologies that will help us become better and more user-friendly.

What Do We Do With Your Personal Data

You must be wondering what we do with your personal data, and it is your right to know about it. So here are the ways we use your personal data.

For The Maintenance And Optimization Of Our Service

We use your data to manage our services and track when you use our services. This will later help us to learn more about your routine and interests.

For Management of Accounts

When you are a registered user of our service, then we have to give you access to many of our new options.  We have to manage the registration of every user of our service, so we also use your personal data in that case.

For Any Purchases

We do not have any premium features, services, or products at the moment, but if we ever introduce such a model, then we might store the user’s information for the contract of agreement between us.

For Contacting Us

We may use your information in order to contact you by sending you an email or a notification through your web browser. This can be related to updates or change in our security or privacy policies or any other similar information.

For Sending You Updates

To let you know about your favorite content, our offers, news, or any other general information, we use your data to send all of these. We make sure that you do not miss out on any important thing that might be in your interest.


We may also use your data for some other purposes as well. We have listed these below:

  • We may share some of your personal data with our service providers to analyze the use of our service.
  • If we are ever acquired by another company or form a merger, then we will transfer some of your data to our partner company or acquiring company.
  • We may share some of your information with our business partners to give you amazing offers or products or promotional offers.
  • We may share some of your information with the consent of our users.

Holding Of Your Data

We might also retain your data to some extent of time so that we can follow our legal obligations. We only retain your data for a certain amount of time according to our policies so that we can resolve disputes or show it as proof whenever we are asked or obliged to do so.


We also retain Usage Data for analysis by our readers. This data is held for a smaller amount of time as we only need it for some time to do our research, but we are mostly legally obliged to hold it for longer periods of time.

Transfer of Data

The data you provide to us is directly transferred to our systems that might not be located in your area or state, province, and in some other place or country. The reason behind mentioning this is that the privacy rights of your area might not comply with those where we are located.


So whenever you accept our agreement, your data is transferred to our servers, and you also agree to this transfer of your data, and we also try our best to keep your private information totally safe and secure.

Deletion Of Your Data

At any moment, you have the right to ask us to delete your data, and we will contact you back in a few days to acknowledge your request. We will delete your data from our systems ourselves, or we will give you the option to review it and delete it. You can also log in to your account if you have created one and update or delete your data according to your choice.

Change In Privacy Policy

We have the right to change our privacy policy at a given moment, but we will notify you whenever we make a change to this one. You will receive a notification or email from us, or you will see a notice on our website telling you that we have changed our privacy policy.


We also request you keep revisiting this page after every few days so that you do not miss any of the changes we make in our policies.

Contact Us!

If you have any other problem regarding any issue in our policy or if you do not understand something, then let us know by visiting our website.