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How to Style the Iconic Nike Air Max 90

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Nike has a knack for designing and producing some of the most iconic shoes of all time, so the success and fame of the Nike Air Max 90 should surprise no one. This shoe-producing titan sells almost 800 million pairs of shoes each year, but none stand out quite like the Air Max 90. The combination of styling, comfort, and performance make it one of the authentic classic sneakers.

Getting your hands (or feet!) on these sneakers is a great chance to start your shoe collection, but the Nike Air Max 90 styling and sizing are essential to consider before spending your hard-earned cash. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to styling your new sneakers with multiple stunning outfits.

Keep reading this article to find Nike Air Max 90 outfit ideas today!

Nine-to-Five Styling

Most people don’t associate wearing Nikes or athletic trainers with wearing nine-to-five apparel. Part of the charm of the Air Max 90 is the ability to wear them with almost any type of outfit you can imagine. The classic style allows you to dress these athletic trainers up with beautiful office attire. 

These shoes offer much greater comfort than traditional dress shoes, and you can find several colorways that will work well with slacks and a classy button-down shirt. A timeless color like white will allow the rest of your outfit to stand out for the right reasons.

A navy suit jacket and trousers with a white button-down shirt will complete your desired look. You’ll get the best-dressed award at the office when you find Air Max 90 shoes to match this outfit. Add accessories like a watch and a tie to add flair to your appearance.

How to Style the Iconic Nike Air Max 90

Summer Casual

Part of the Nike Air Max 90 fit is versatility for activities and settings. Arguably the best setting for your new Nike Air Max 90 sneakers is a casual summer setting where relaxed and comfortable clothing reigns supreme. These sneakers offer sleek styling with joggers, slacks, jeans, and shorts.

You’ll enjoy coming up with Nike Air Max 90 summer outfits when you purchase a pair of these classic sneakers in a neutral color. A nice pair of shorts and an Oxford shirt will go a long way toward helping you retain your title as the friend with the best style. Pair the sneakers with neutral-colored clothing to pull this outfit off with a bang.

You can also minimize the space between the bottom of your shorts and the Air Max 90s by wearing long, white Nike socks with this outfit. Add a pair of aviator sunglasses, and you’ll be ready for whatever summer throws your way.

Gym Ready

The versatility of the Nike Air Max 90 styling makes it perfect for a number of applications. As mentioned earlier, this shoe offers styling that is at home in an office setting, or at your best friend’s barbeque party. They’re also designed for use in the gym since their original application was a training shoe with performance that matches the styling.

The foam sole provides top-notch cushioning for any running or jumping you do. You’ll also love the air pocket in these classic trainers since it absorbs shock and takes a burden off your knees. If your goal is to look stylish while at the gym, then you’ll love what the Air Max 90 will do for you.

The best look for the gym is pairing your Air Max 90s with a nice pair of gym shorts. You know your body better than anyone else, so look for a pair of shorts that have a nice cut for your body type. You want to show off your legs and the work you’ve put in at the gym when styling these sneakers.

Best Nike Air Max 90 Colorways

Now that you have some fun Nike Air Max 90 outfit ideas, it’s time to explore the most popular and iconic colorways for this classic Nike trainer. The Air Max 90 has a ton of colorway collaborations that will spark feelings of excitement and impulse in rooking and seasoned sneaker collectors alike.

Here’s a closer look at the colorways you should consider when you’re ready to buy your first pair of Nike Air Max 90s.

Infrared Nike Air Max 90 Colorway

The Infrared Nike Air Max 90 is a favorite of sneakerheads since the colorway is unique, and it draws attention to the larger air pocket in these shoes. The designer used a reddish-pink color over the air pocket to draw the eyes to this unique feature. It’s the original colorway and one that will always have a place in the hearts of collectors.

Bacon Colorway

The Bacon colorway is another iconic option you need to consider if you decide to buy a pair of Air Max 90s. You’ll want to prioritize Nike Air Max 90 care with these sneakers, so the colors remain intact, but the Bacon colorway is a combination of different meat colors. The designer was short on time and saw bacon in a meat market and drew inspiration from that experience to create the shoe.

Homegrown Grass Colorway

Homegrown Grass is a great colorway to get if you want to make a big impression on the people around you. It’s a Nike Air Max 90 with a striking green as the primary color. The leather even receives a leaf-textured feature to add to the grassy feeling of these incredible shoes.

Warhawk Colorway

If unique is what you aim for, you can’t go wrong with the Warhawk colorway for your sneaker collection. This Air Max 90 draws inspiration from the Curtiss P-40 fighter plane that gained fame for its success in the skies over Asia, Africa, and Europe during WWII.

Start Shopping for Your First Nike Air Max 90 Pair

Getting your first pair of Nike Air Max 90 sneakers is a big investment and a huge step toward becoming a die-hard sneaker collector. You can dress these shoes up with office attire or use your Nike Air Max 90 styling to win best-dressed at the gym. Explore your different colorway options to create unforgettable Nike Air Max 90 outfit ideas.

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