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How Does a Tunnel Car Wash in San Diego Work?

Driving the car through a car wash can be surprisingly beneficial. Sure, you save hours of labor by opting for the automated approach, but you also gain multiple practical advantages along the way. It is advisable to wash your car regularly, no matter how dirty it has become. The winter months may cause more dirt and grime, as well as slush and road salt, to cling to the body of the car along with its tires. Removing every contaminant by hand is a tall order. Be sure to find the best Car Wash in San Diego to ensure the proper cleaning of your automobile. 

You are sure to be provided with information and asked to choose between a touchless service and a car wash tunnel. While both come with specific advantages, you may feel the need to use a tunnel wash due to the following reasons:

Working of a Tunnel Car Wash in San Diego

This kind of tunnel is admittedly one of the biggest robots employed for practical purposes. It comes with an enormous aluminum frame that prevents the formation of rust. Moreover, the conveyor belt used to haul the vehicle is capable of moving the vehicles and various types of machinery, such as high-friction device mechanisms, regulators, and/or sensors.  Passing the car through such a tunnel will enable you to remove the dirt including grease, bird droppings, and tiny insects. It is indeed pleasing to know that the entire operation will be over within 5 minutes. 

Tunnel Car Wash Procedure

The process is completed in steps. It is interesting to note that the following are carried out once a vehicle is accepted for being passed through the tunnel:

  • Presoaking: The vehicle will have a mild alkali applied all over it that is rinsed off with a weak acid solution
  • Addition of Detergent: A quality detergent is added to the pre-rinse liquid for deep cleaning
  • Main Washing: Once the car moves onto the main section following a pre-rinse, the tunnel exposes multiple brushes that scrub the auto body clean. While most of the brushes are vertically aligned, there is at least one horizontal brush used to scrub the top surface of your car too. 
  • Final Stage: A high-pressure fan blows on the vehicle from all sides, making it perfectly dry and fit to be driven once again
  • Extras: It is not imperative, but you may opt to have the car waxed as well. A perfect application of wax not only makes the paint gleam but also ensures protection against scratches, fading, and UV light damages

Benefits of Tunnel Car Wash

This type of car wash has emerged as the preferred method for almost all vehicle owners. There are benefits galore, with the following being most appreciated:

  • Meticulous cleaning
  • Safety Assured
  • Detergents are paint-safe
  • Customized Cleaning
  • Affordable Service

Finding the right Car Wash in San Diego is not challenging. Indeed, there are many options for the end user. However, the vehicle owner needs to be observant and make inquiries before deciding on a particular car wash.

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