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French Foodie in Dublin – All You Need to Know BEFORE …

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This is our blog, French Foodie in Dublin. We post a monthly roundup of what’s new with French food in Dublin. It includes information on restaurants, products, events and new openings.On our popular french foodie in dublin blog, you will find a lot of recipes, tips, tricks and tutorials on how to make the best french dishes from french cuisine at the most affordable prices!

French Foodie in Dublin – Food Blog | Dublin Food Tours

We are a local group of foodies that meet up once or twice a month for a dinner at a restaurant in Dublin city center. We usually start at the top, and work our way down to the bottom!

French Foodie in Dublin blog is a foodie travel blog. We focus on authentic French Cuisine in Dublin. We take you on a culinary journey around the city. Discover the food & drink that makes Dublin such a unique city and enjoy a taste of France in Ireland.

Food is a great way to connect with people. A blog about food gives you the chance to do just that. It allows you to share your passion with others while still making some money.

French Foodie in Dublin – Food Blog, the food blog of the French Foodie in Dublin, is a blog written by the French Foodie who lives in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a food blog with a focus on food and travel.

FRENCH FOODIE IN DUBLIN – All You Need to Know …

Welcome to French Foodie In Dublin, Ireland. We are passionate about all things French, from wine, cheese, chocolate, coffee, food and most of all the culture of France.Our blog is based in Dublin, Ireland, where we work and eat out almost every day and have made many friendships with the wonderful people in the Irish restaurant scene.

Dublin is a city that has taken the world by storm! The capital of Ireland, Dublin is the second most popular tourist destination in Europe after London. From history and culture to nightlife, Dublin is the perfect place to get away from it all! So, whether you’re planning to visit for work or pleasure, you will definitely want to know about the best places

When you want to learn how to cook french cuisine, you are looking for the best french food blog. This is where we come in! The best french food blog is here to give you all the tips and tricks you need to cook the perfect dinner. Here you will find recipes for different dishes such as cheese fondue, beignets and macaroons.

FRENCH FOODIE IN DUBLIN - All You Need to Know ...
FRENCH FOODIE IN DUBLIN – All You Need to Know …

The best food in Dublin, according to a French woman

Catherine has been living in Ireland for almost 3 years. She has fallen in love with the country and especially with its cuisine! We are delighted to have her share her delicious recipes with you!

Are you planning to visit Ireland in the near future? If you are looking for some of the best places to eat in Dublin, I have created this list of my favorite restaurants. These are located in different areas of Dublin city.They range from small pubs or traditional Irish restaurants to a modern restaurant, a pizzeria or a seafood restaurant.

I am a frenchwoman living in Dublin since 2010. I started to write my own blog about Dublin in 2013. In the beginning, I focused on travel and food. But I really like Dublin since it’s a small city where I could discover all the local life around me.

The best place for us to eat in Dublin was at the Four Courts Hotel in the Temple Bar area. We were treated so well and received great service by the staff. The room was beautiful and the food was simply amazing. There were three choices at dinner – A la carte, tasting menu or a set menu.

French Foodie in Dublin – Irish Food Blog, Tours and Events

Awarded the top prize at the 2011 Gourmet Ireland Awards in the category of Best European Tourist Attraction Blog.Our goal is to bring the best of French culinary traditions to Ireland and to make them accessible to everyone.We invite you to visit the following links to get an idea of what we offer:

French Foodie is all about discovering the best places to eat in Dublin city centre, along with reviews of restaurants in the capital. We have hundreds of reviews under our belt so we know our stuff! From traditional French bistros, to the most fabulous new openings. The restaurant reviews are followed by a foodie blog post with restaurant photos, maps, recipes, news

Dublin is a city in the province of Leinster in Ireland. Located in the southeast of Ireland, it is Ireland’s capital city and is the island’s largest city and most populous urban area. Dublin has an estimated population of 1,345,400 (as of 2016), making it the second most populous city in the state and one of

French Foodie In Dublin Talks About Her Ticketing Needs

Hi, I’m Marie from The French Foodie in Dublin, and I’m so happy that you stopped by! I love travelling, but more than anything else, I love eating! I am obsessed with all kinds of cheese, I love wine (which is pretty hard to avoid when living in Ireland), I love everything about the French culture, and I am so excited

A blog about travel and events in Dublin and the UK. This post highlights the importance of ticketing in ensuring smooth running of events.

When I first decided to start blogging, I had no idea how it would go over. I never thought that I would be writing a blog with a regular schedule and a steady flow of content, but I’m so glad I did. The benefits have been tremendous.

I’ve just returned from Dublin, Ireland where I spent a week teaching my French class. While I was there, I visited some of the coolest places in Dublin. Here are some photos I took. This post is dedicated to the people who helped me with the tour.



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