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Compliance Training: Everything You Need to Know

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Compliance training for employees is a mandatory requirement under OSHA regulations. Failure to provide this training can result in fines of up to $15,625.

This type of training applies to every business operating in the USA, so you must meet your obligations for compliance training if you’re a business owner. This compliance training guide highlights the things you need to know.

What Is Compliance Training?

Compliance training involves educating your employees on OHSA regulations related to your daily operations. It helps protect your company’s commitment to upholding the law, as well as your values and policies. 

Other compliance training benefits include:

  • Keeping employees updated on the latest safety procedures and policies
  • Creating a safe workplace
  • Building a healthy company culture
  • Reduced need for employee supervision
  • Minimizes company liability

Ensuring your employees have the required level of training maintains legal accountability for your company. 

Types of Compliance Training

The main type of compliance training is workplace safety training. This is vital even in an office environment.

It includes aspects specific to your industry, as well as general ones like fire safety training. 

Other types of compliance training include:

  • Anti-harassment training
  • Diversity training
  • Specific occupational training, like marine safety courses
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business ethics
  • Healthcare training
  • Export and trade training
  • Environmental regulations

These courses include information on laws and best practices in all these areas. 

Arranging Compliance Training for Employees

State and federal regulations require annual compliance training for workers to ensure ongoing adherence to safe practices. Employees may need to meet certain deadlines to remain compliant, too. 

Your employees must commit to training and take it seriously. It’s up to you to make the process interesting and valuable for them.

You can hire qualified trainers for in-person sessions. There is a danger that employees might simply not show up for these. 

Online courses are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to offer training.

These e-learning courses are an interactive and flexible training method. They allow employees to fit in their training sessions at convenient times and complete the material in their own time. 

Microlearning opportunities are the least invasive type of training to avoid interrupting employee workflows. These short courses cover one topic at a time, making for quick, effective sessions.

Compliance metrics help you gauge levels of compliance within your business. They can help you determine whether your employees need additional training in certain aspects.

Types of compliance metrics include:

  • How long a compliance team takes to identify any issues
  • Cost of incidents
  • Number of employee complaints
  • Number of client complaints

This data helps you quantify how effective your training is and assists you in fine-tuning your efforts.  

Getting Ahead in Business

Compliance training is only one aspect of the OHSA regulations you must consider as a business owner. 

Be sure to educate yourself on every aspect of the laws affecting your business to avoid fines and legal issues. Ignorance is rarely an acceptable excuse.

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