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Are Motorcycles More Dangerous Than Cars?

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Motorcycles and cars: they can both be dangerous given the person isn’t correctly in control.

Road accidents occur due to multiple reasons. You can drive a car or ride a motorcycle, but are both just as safe on the roads?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering if motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you.

Keep reading to find out more.

Are Motorcycles More Dangerous Than Cars?

The answer to the question is yes. There are several reasons why motorcycles are more dangerous. These include the following:

  • Not as much protection
  • Lower visibility
  • Less braking power
  • Lower stability
  • Less control
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Some drivers are unskilled

One might make a bigger difference than another. But here, we’ll explain them in more detail.

Not as Much Protection

With cars, you’ve got seatbelts and airbags. But a motorcycle doesn’t come with the same. This means that if you’re a motorcyclist, you’ve got less shielding should an accident occur.

There’s less of a chance of injury if you’re driving a car, therefore than a motorcycle. But if you do end up in a road collision that’s not your fault, you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

But that’s not to say that motorcycles come without safety measures. You should always wear a helmet so that you’re kept safe if you’re in a crash. 

Lower Visibility

Since motorcycles are much smaller in size, visibility is poorer. It becomes harder to see other drivers on the road. This can result in accidents since it might take longer to see traffic.

Motorcyclists must make themselves as visible as possible. To do so, flashing headlights even during the day is a great idea when riding a motorcycle. A high-visibility coat should also be worn to ensure that other cars or motorcycles will be able to see you.

Motorcycles vs Cars?

Less Brake Power

There isn’t as much braking power in motorcycles than cars. The reason is that they’re lighter and the brakes aren’t as big. In addition, braking must be well-controlled so that safe driving occurs.

You’ll want to ensure that you aren’t involved in an accident where you’re not taken off your bike. But in a car, an accident might be less likely to happen since there is more braking power.

If you’re riding a motorcycle, always make sure you’ve got a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front. This allows enough time to brake safely and can avoid an incident from occurring.

Motorcyclists should always stay focused when on the road and braking. But then again, so should cars as they can certainly end up in an accident also. On roads where there’s been rainfall and it’s easier to slip, you should always maintain the extra distance.

Lower Stability

Bikes are less steady to drive than cars. This makes them more likely to collapse in the event of a collision. Motorcycles have two wheels whereas cars have four, making them more stable. 

It does, however, depend upon the driver, their experience, and their skill for if a motorcyclist can stay above ground. So, falling over can depend on a number of factors.

So that it doesn’t happen, motorcyclists should ensure they’re always aware of what’s around them. Stay aware of potential dangers and you should be fine. It’s best not to also ride in heavy rainfall or harsh weather conditions to remain safe.

Less Control

There’s less control with bikes than with cars. This is due to their smaller engine size and lower weight. There’s also less grip on the road due to the wheel size.

It can be harder for a motorcycle to halt at times. Two examples are stopping shortly and having to take short, sharp turns. But a good rider will know how to control their vehicle.

If you need some practice, an empty parking lot might be the best place to learn. It’s safe and will help with learning the basics of driving. Even those who have experience and don’t feel skilled enough to drive in hazardous conditions can go here to learn how to ride better.

Harsh Weather Conditions

The condition of the road itself plays a huge role in whether an accident can happen, both to cars and motorcycle riders. The majority of the roads, unfortunately, aren’t motorcycle friendly.

They have gravel and potholes, are bumpy, and can be dangerous. This doesn’t give a motorcyclist a fair advantage when it comes to whether they might be more inclined to be involved in a collision. It can cause a motorcyclist to lose the power of their steering and crash.

Avoiding harsh weather is always a great idea at all costs. But we know that people have to be on the roads at times, which makes it difficult to expect them to stay off them completely. So being on guard is always the proper course of action. 

Some Drivers Are Unskilled

Not all motorcycle riders are skilled enough to ride on the roads. This is true, however, when it comes to those who drive cars. In some cases, bike riders can end up in accidents due to the other reasons we’ve already mentioned.

A driving safety course should always be completed before heading to the roads. There, they’ll learn the road safety rules as well as how to ride. Riding often is also advised so that the motorcyclist can become as skilled as possible.

Find Out More About Road Safety Here

In this blog post, we’ve answered the question are motorcycles more dangerous than cars? While both can be involved in accidents, we’ve shown that motorcyclists are more likely to collide with other vehicles.

Some of the reasons include bad weather, lower visibility, and not having as much protection. Unfortunately, these issues can lead to accidents that might otherwise not happen.

Want to learn more about how to stay safe while riding or driving on the roads? Read more of our blogs now! We’ve got lots for you to look at.



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