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8 Ways You Can Become a Better Leader

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How people view leadership affects how long they stay in an environment. One study showed that 50% of employees left their job to get away from their bosses.

Because of the effect they have on the business, leaders need to take a step back and self-evaluate every once in a while. If they don’t, the turnover they experience will likely be great.

Our leadership tips help develop a better leader. In turn, this builds a better company with happier employees!

Even if you think you’re already doing a good job, there may be things you’re missing. Read below to learn the top eight leadership skills you should be growing!

1- Work On Communication

If your employees are confused or aren’t complying in the way you want, you may need to work on your communication skills. Just because you think you’re being clear doesn’t mean you’re communicating effectively. 

In fact, believing you’ve communicated well and assuming the other party understands accounts for one of the top ten causes of communication breakdowns. Don’t assume that anyone has fully understood what you’re trying to say.

Ask questions and explain, even the things that “go without saying.” Be prepared for misinterpretation and get ahead of the curve by implementing face-to-face meetings.

2- Listen

Communication is nothing without listening because communication is a two-way street. Information is given, but it also has to be received to have effective communication.

Everyone wants to feel seen and heard. Your team members are no different!

Listen to what those around you have to say. Listen with an open mind to avoid becoming isolated and stagnant.

Good leaders know they haven’t cornered the market on every idea and subject. They also know their work environment isn’t always perfect, and there are areas to improve.

Set up meetings just to listen to what those around you have to say. Invite their feedback and ideas.

8 Ways You Can Become a Better Leader

3- Empathize and Encourage

Environments that have high morale and productivity are those with empathetic and encouraging leaders. You don’t have to become best buddies with everyone.

However, the people around you should feel comfortable coming to you. Everyone is a person first before any other title, whether it be an employee, team member, or friend.

Too often, leaders expect their followers to not have human issues. Work on shifting your mindset. You need one that understands that people have emotions, families, and lives outside of your shared goals.

Good leaders also take time to encourage those around them. This makes for happy employees.

A little recognition goes a long way. Reward people in various ways that speak to them. (Hint: Money talks)

4- Delegate

Great leaders can relinquish control and delegate to others! After something is delegated, it means that task isn’t being micromanaged either.

Delegating is a win for everyone because you aren’t drowning in more than you can handle. It also gives people the opportunity to grow and expand into new roles.

Delegating saves leadership time, helps the team to develop, and inspires people to perform well. It shows trust between management and the team member.

Be sure to effectively communicate so those being delegated to know what is expected of them and have everything they need.

5- Be Willing to Change

If things don’t evolve, then they die. Good leaders aren’t scared of change and are looking for ways to evolve.

This might look like adopting a new business practice or leadership style. It could also look like implementing new policies or strategies.

Leaders should be flexible and easily adaptable. If they’re not, there will be a revolving door of great people around them. No one will stay very long in a static environment.

Be open to new ideas and ways of bettering yourself and your systems. Humility in leadership goes a long way!

6- Continuing Education

A great way to become a better leader is to continue to learn! To lead properly, one has to know the subject well.

Continuing education in those departments is essential. Leaning back on old information and techniques isn’t going to get anyone very far.

Take classes and watch videos to stay on top of your game. There are plenty of places online, like for orthodontists, that involves coaching too!

7- Develop Vision

Very few people thrive without having a reason for what they do. Develop a shared vision that others feel like they’re contributing towards.

When people feel like they have a stake in the vision, they’re more effective in what they do. But, it’s the leader’s job to develop and communicate it well.

Good leaders allow others to feel creatively involved in the mission. It’s your job to make sure every person involved understands the common goal.

8- Accept Failure

If you can’t accept failure, you have to at least learn to handle it well. Become a better leader by understanding that failure is going to happen. 

The inventor of the lightbulb, Thomas Edison, said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

How you choose to handle failure affects everyone around you. If your team is afraid to make mistakes, the environment isn’t a productive one.

Take responsibility for your contribution to the missed goal instead of pointing fingers. Extend gracious accountability to those that missed the mark as well. Regroup with your team to find out what went wrong and how to move forward.

Final Ways to Become a Better Leader

Become a better leader by encouraging a positive, passionate environment. Your followers should feel the passion you hold for your work. Otherwise, how can they be expected to be passionate about it?

Weed out toxicity growing in your sphere. This might mean letting go of employees that are bringing down employee morale.

Keep working on your leadership abilities. Attend a seminar that focuses on leadership training and keep an open mind to those around you.

Reading this article was a great start! For more information like this, continue reading in our business section.



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